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uPVC Windows Peterborough

All Weather Roofline supply and install uPVC windows in Peterborough and the surrounding areas.

UPVC stands for Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride and is a very popular choice in general but particularly for our customers too. It’s a good job as well, because we are specialists in this area. We fit hundreds of UPVC windows each month and think they’re a fabulous choice for a number of reasons. To name a few, they’re; durable, low maintenance, aesthetically pleasing, customisable and so much more too. We will go into more detail about this further down the article. As part of our customer service offering, once your new UPVC windows are installed, we give you a 10 year guarantee on them.

This means that if anything was to go wrong with them or there was a slight fault, we will change or fix them for free. This is great to know as the customer as your investment is secure for a long period of time. 

What’s more is that our UPVC windows in Peterborough come in plenty of designs, styles and colours too, meaning you’ll never be stuck for choice. It is common for companies to offer them in white only with a select few styles, but we want to do better than this.

uPVC Options

white upvc doncaster

White uPVC

White uPVC windows are a hugely popular choice for residential properties as they are guaranteed to not crack, discolour or even split. A fantastic traditional finish.

anthracite upvc window doncastergrey upvc windows that are affordable and stylish for your home


Another popular option to consider. Anthracite windows are very contemporary and in-demand for all types of residential properties. Easily integrated into any type of property.

windows upvc doncaster


If you're looking for a desirable type of window, look no further than Rosewood. A desirable hardwood with a traditional dark wood colour.

honey oak window in upvc

Honey Oak

Honey Oak fascias are produced in a bright, welcoming shade and beautifully match the look of real wood, but in UPVC so you have none of the worries and inconvenience of timber.

UPVC Windows Benefits 

As previously mentioned, there are plenty of benefits to UPVC windows and we’d like to take you through some of them in detail. One of the main benefits is the lack of maintenance required once they’re installed which is amazing. People in this day and age are always looking for convenience as time is precious. You don’t want to be spending lots of time priming, painting, oiling or cleaning your windows. UPVC simply requires a clean every so often, usually when you can see a build up of dirt. 

Another benefit to UPVC windows is the standard of safety they uphold. Although the material is lightweight, it’s exceptionally sturdy and durable making it the perfect balance between functional and safety. In addition, the energy efficiency provided by UPVC windows is impressive. When installed professionally and properly, your UPVC windows in Peterborough could do a fantastic job at insulating your home which has never been more important than it is today. If this alone hasn’t convinced you to enquire about our UPVC windows in Peterborough and you still have some unanswered questions, please feel free to get in touch with us here at All Weather Roofline Peterborough.                 

UPVC Window Styles

We understand that getting the correct style of UPVC window for your home is super important. That’s why we make a point of explaining the different options available to you, so you can feel assured you’re making the right decision. So, here’s a few different types of UPVC window styles.

Casement: Typically, you’ll find that casement windows provide an unobstructed view through a big pane of glass. This is good because lots of light can come in and you can see uninterrupted scenes through your windows.

Cottage: As you might have guessed, cottage style UPVC windows are perfectly suited to cottage-like homes or more traditional properties such as Tudor or Georgian style. They burst with character and could look amazing. These bring a traditional look with a contemporary feel and functionality. 

Bay: A UPVC bay window will be a big frame that protrudes from the main walls of the building in a circular or box type shape. Bay windows have not normally been made from UPVC but once again you have the option to add a modern twist on a traditional looking window, making for a beautiful attraction to your home. 

Sash: Normally, sash windows can be opened horizontally or vertically by sliding one pane behind another and are usually found on Victorian or Georgian-style properties. However, manufactured in UPVC does offer a more modern feel and can be a great choice for your home. 

Tilt & Turn: These are quite fancy windows in that they’re designed to be extra-functional. You can open these as wide as you need them so letting in lots of air is possible.

We actually have a wide range of colours for our UPVC windows. For some styles we can customise the colour due to the fact that we manufacture the windows ourselves.

We do indeed. We proudly cover projects all over the UK and have a particular good relationship and reputation in Peterborough. We love what we do and it’s a pleasure to get such good feedback in many areas of the UK.

This is a matter of opinion we’re afraid to say, so there’s no definite answer. Some people like the maintenance-free option of the UPVC whereas some like the traditional way which has been notorious for windows being made of wood. The look and feel is very different so it’s a case of personal preference. We will often advise on what we feel would be best for.

All Weather Roofline supply and install uPVC windows in the following areas of Peterborough; Crowland, Sawtry, Helpston, Northborough, Wittering, Castor, Fotheringhay, Newborough, Thornhaugh, Warmington, Longthorpe, Yaxley, Barnwell, and Glinton.

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