How AWR is Reducing its Carbon Footprint


COP26 is here! This is the most important UN Climate Conference to date as the world faces a crisis. All Weather Roofline is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and doings its bit for the environment.

  • 1. Disposing of consumer and production waste in an environmentally friendly manner
    We remove all waste material from site and dispose of it in line with legislation, recycling material wherever possible. Our main depot has recycling skips where all materials are separated. This includes metal parts, wood, glass and old uPVC which is then used in the manufacturing process for new windows.
    uPVC takes years to decompose so reusing it makes the best possible sense. The old uPVC goes into recycled composite material which is then placed at the core of our windows as this provides much better insulation than metal beams and is therefore more energy efficient.
    We are currently using virgin uPVC for the exterior coating on our windows, but are exploring alternatives to reduce our carbon footprint even further.
    2. Reducing energy waste
    Our products provide excellent thermal insulation, this means less heat loss in the winter and keeping the heat at bay in the summer. This means that consumers can use less electricity, gas and other forms of energy as well as reducing the use of electric fans in the summer.
    3. Composite door use
    Our composite doors are predominantly made from recycled material and are tough and durable, meaning that they last much longer than uPVC products. In fact there is no reason why a composite door shouldn’t last a lifetime.
    Plus they offer the ultimate in thermal insulation and are superior in this respect to any other type of door, so they are best solution for the environmentally conscious home owner.
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