Double Glazing in the Summer


Double glazing is a great energy saver in the winter keeping you warm and toasty, but did you know there are also benefits in having double glazing installed as the summer months near? Double glazing is great at stop heat transferring from one side to other, so can actually keep you cooler in the hot weather too!

Not only does it help control the temperature, it keeps noise out too. With longer days and lighter evenings you may find that your neighbours start having late dinner parties, the kids stay out playing later and teenagers get a later curfew. All the more reason to keep the noise at bay when you want some peace and quiet at the end of the day.

Double glazing can also help filter our harmful UV rays, minimising fading to carpets, sofas and curtains. 

But one of the biggest benefits of all – it tightens your security. Our windows can be locked from the inside and double glaze is difficult to smash through, offering real peace of mind.

So consider All Weather Roofline as we go into this summer’s seasons. 

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