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Why a leaking roof should never be ignored


A leaking roof is always a cause for concern, but even a minor leak can turn into a much larger leak if left alone.

 Regardless of where your roof starts leaking, it might be a sign that it's time for a new one, especially if it's coming through a flat roof or an old felt roof. 

Water damage can rack up significantly and be extremely costly. At the first sign of a leak, repairing or replacing your roof can save you tens of thousands of pounds in potential damage later on down the line.

Not only can a small leak escalate leading to roof damage itself, but you will almost certainly have timbers that may rot making your roof unstable, ceiling plaster, electrics and a whole host of other issues to consider. Then there's also the internal damage to your flooring, soft furnishings and more. Your damage may be become exaggerated during the autumn and winter months once the rain starts coming, putting your already damaged roof until an enormous amount of stress. 

So, what should you do it you spot a leak?

Well, find a bucket to catch the drips and avoid damage to your flooring, if it is safe to do so put and temporary covering over the hole from the outside and if you see a bulge in the ceiling like it is about to collapse call us immediately - we may need to relieve the pressure whilst you wait for your new roof.

The worse thing you can do it leave it.  Because doing so may cost you a lot more in the long run.

All Weather Roofline offers a range of roofing and roofline products including fasias, soffits and guttering. Need an old flat roof replaced? No problem - we can replace it with a rubber roof that is much more durable and can last for up to fifty years before it needs replacing.

 So, don't sleep with a drip! Call the experts. Call All Weather Roofline on 0800 612 2127 today.

 A leaking roof can be more than an aesthetic issue if you are a public place rather than a private establishment. After all, the comfort of visitors is that little thing that dramatically affects the satisfaction of your customers. A well-known case when such a giant as the Grosvenor casino complex in the fall of 2018 noticed a significant decrease in visitor visits. For more than a month, marketers have been trying to find objective reasons for this phenomenon, because their competitors were doing great at that moment. The solution surprised everyone - it turned out that the western corner of the roof was leaking in the wardrobe of the Grosvenor VIP hall. Wealthy clients were dissatisfied with leaving in wet fur coats and jackets, and preferred not to visit the casino in the cold season. A month after the Grosvenor roof was repaired, the flow of customers reached their previous levels.