How to Stay Cool in a Heatwave


You might think of double glazing as a product that insulates your home, but did you know it can also keep you cool?  If you haven’t got your home properly double glazed yet, give us a call for your free quotation. We have some additional tips to help you stay cool in the heatwave and protect yourself and your loved from the effects of the sun.

 1. Keep your curtains or blinds closed

This is especially so if you are out all day as keeping the sun out will mean a cooler home when you return. You should so this if you have pets in the home, and even if you are staying in, keeping an open window with the curtains drawn will help to keep the heat at bay.

2. Place a bowl of ice cubes in front of a fan

This will help you to keep cool and create your own, budget air con system. However, ice melts so make sure it is in a bowl on a stable surface as electricity and water don’t mix.

3. Get a conservatory roof!

If you can’t afford blinds and you are looking for a way to keep the heat out this summer, give us a call to add a roofing product to your old conservatory. We can even add a skylight for additional coolness. We can spruce up an old conservatory and add value to your home by creating an year round space.

4. Stay indoors! Going outside is probably the worst thing you can do, especially between 11am and 2pm, so stay in and enjoy the shade.

5. Consider having a stable door fitted. This way you keep the little ones and pets in and still have a way to let additional air into your home.

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